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Dr. Daniel Gay, Board Certified General Surgeon in the Treasure Valley

Dr. Daniel Gay is a Board Certified General Surgeon in Idaho's Treasure Valley. He is a Fellow of the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons and is currently licensed to practice medicine in Idaho, Oregon, and Arizona. He is affiliated with Treasure Valley Hospital, West Valley Medical Center, St. Luke's Hospital System, and St. Alphonsus Hospital System.

Dr. Gay received his Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience from UCLA and his medical degree from Touro University, Nevada. He completed his surgical internship at St. John's Episcopal Hospital in Far Rockaway, NY. His surgical residency was completed at Beaumont Hospital Trenton, MI, a Michigan State University Associated Training Program.

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Dr. Gay enjoys teaching medical students and residents. He is an assistant professor at ICOM and a clinical faculty member of UW Medicine Department of Surgery. The main focus of Dr. Gay's practice is minimally invasive robotic-assisted and laparoscopic surgery. Dr. Gay treats a broad range of conditions and diseases.

Dr. Daniel Gay, associate professor at Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine

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Outside of the operating room, Dr. Gay spends most of his free time with his family which includes his wife and 4 children. He keeps healthy by weight training and playing ice hockey. Dr. Gay's care philosophy is to operate under the golden rule - to treat people the way one would like to be treated. He strives to create a partnership with his patients which emphasizes health education and individualized attention.

Dr. Daniel Gay's Robotic Surgery YouTube Channel

See how the da Vinci Si platform assists Dr. Daniel Gay in his surgical procedures by checking out the youtube videos below! Click on the thumbnail for any of the procedures listed below to be directed to a youtube video for the procedure. Warning: Images may be graphic

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Dr. Daniel Gay: General Surgeon Boise

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Patient Testimonials

Jessy Davenport
I’m leaving this review on behalf of my mother, Novella (as she isn’t tech savvy). Here’s what she had to say: From the moment you walk in the door, you’re treated so kindly. The front desk staff knew me by name and would joke and interact with me every time I came in. Dr. Gay is phenomenal. He’s patient and explains well. I had to have surgery to remove a cyst and even the surgery center, Treasure Valley Hospital, experience was great. Not something people typically say but it was a pleasant surgery experience. I highly recommend!
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Danny Cruz
DR.Daniel Gay was wonderful to work with after being referred to by my primary doctor from Pionner family medical DR.Ludwig. DR.Gay's personal office assistant was very informative with the steps I would be taking moving forward. My personal experience was great throughout my whole process.
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Posted on
Gina Wooddall
Daniel Gay one of the Best caring Hernia doctors. Awesome Doctor I had surgery Jan 8, 2024 he did such a amazing job so blessed to have him as my surgeon highly recommended Dr Daniel Gay the nurse staff Sara and Kim absolutely amazing to work with. I'm very pleased with the outcome. Daniel is so Kind and Very Respectful and cares deeply about his patients
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Matthew Tracy
This surgeon needs protected at all costs! I needed emergency surgery on a Friday. Dr. Gay stayed late to perform the operation. I'll never forget his kindness and the respect he showed to a stranger in dire need. A rare breed indeed. Good men are hard to find. Thank you so much Dr. Gay!
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chrystal Bourff
Greatest ever! Wonderful as fast and caring as Dr Gay was. He and all of his staff treated me with kindness and compassion. I have never been as happy to call him my Doctor!
Posted on
I just had the best hospital visit ever for a procedure. I had a large lipoma removed and had to go under general anesthesia for its removal because of its size and location. All of the staff at Capital Surgical Associates and Treasure Valley Hospital were the most courteous and pleasant health professionals I've dealt with. Dr. Gay was helpful in laying out what was going to be done while the recovery was extremely easy. The follow-up visit with him was helpful in explaining what had happened and what I needed to do going forward. I cannot imagine a better experience.
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brett pendleton
Dr. Gay was great! I always saw him on my visit and not another provider. I had a lipoma on my back and it was one of the smoothest, easiest surgeries I've had. He's easy to talk to and his office staff are funny and to the point. You can tell he genuinely cares about his patients. Thanks Dr. Gay and staff!
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Luke Folke
Dr. Gay did a great job on an inguinal hernia surgery for me a few weeks ago. I really appreciate his practical but caring approach, his respectful manner and his professionalism! His assistant Sarah is awesome! She worked really hard to keep the ball rolling for us and we are truly thankful for her diligence in getting me in, and communicating thoroughly through the whole thing! I am also grateful for the team at Treasure Valley Hospital and the great care I was given during my surgery! Thanks so much! -Luke Folke
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